People’s barrage transforms village economy

An exemplary case of self – mobilized community building Chikkapadasalgi barrage in Karnataka BACKGROUND Vijayapur district of Karnataka is blessed with five rivers: Krishna, Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Bhima, and Doni. However, the district remained drought-prone and hence, economically backward. Agricultural and livestock development has not been able to reach its full potential. A ‘people’s dam’ was… Continue reading People’s barrage transforms village economy

Drip irrigation for enhanced water use efficiency

BACKGROUND The conventional irrigation system used in the agricultural sector in India, called the furrow system or the flow-through system comprises supplying water in series from the topmost basin to the bottom-most basin and regulating the flow of water with sand bunds or weirs. The water for irrigation is sourced through pumping water from open… Continue reading Drip irrigation for enhanced water use efficiency