Technological solutions for water efficiency

Technological interventions have a  critical role in addressing issues of water security at the grassroots level. They can not only bring significant improvement in water use efficiency but also enhance access to water in difficult geographies. The interventions have been proven excellent in irrigation planning, reducing wastage of water and energy, and improving water use… Continue reading Technological solutions for water efficiency

Compendium of Best Practices on Water and Agricultural Sustainability

The emerging water shortage has an adverse impact on food production, resources management systems, health status and livelihoods of people in the country. The nexus between water, agriculture, and livelihood is becoming even more complex, given the fast emerging and fast-changing interlinkages and interdependencies between them. To address the issue of long-term sustainability of the… Continue reading Compendium of Best Practices on Water and Agricultural Sustainability


Hello Dear Readers, CIPT is a non-profit research organization which works towards research, skill development, technological innovation, and capacity building in the field of agriculture, economics, research etc. We are a bunch of motivated academicians who want to work towards the goal of sustainability. Our team comprises of people with varied skills and expertize in… Continue reading Introduction