Hello Dear Readers,

CIPT is a non-profit research organization which works towards research, skill development, technological innovation, and capacity building in the field of agriculture, economics, research etc. We are a bunch of motivated academicians who want to work towards the goal of sustainability. Our team comprises of people with varied skills and expertize in social sciences.

Read more about us here: About CIPT

Our Vision:

CIPT founded in 2008 as a part of the Columbia Water Center, New York works on the principle of conservation and optimal utilization of water resources in a fast-paced world where challenges are evolving exponentially. Solutions to one problem are followed by new challenges which require new methods and innovations to tackle climate change interacting with food, energy, ecosystems, and urbanization. Our vision is to work towards developing meaningful improvements in water quality and access to resolve the issue of increasing water shortages while building the capacity of stakeholders involved in agriculture and household industry, thereby improving incomes and livelihood. The Center strives to change the one-dimensional approach to assessments and study watersheds and ecological systems holistically. We seek to design and implement water solutions in some of the most exigent scenarios by applying rigorous, multidisciplinary academic research to solve difficult on-the-ground water resource and climate-related water risk problems. Our aim is to build resilience in a way that our solutions evolve in a dynamic and creative manner so that we are better equipped to deal with the challenges. We seek to involve organizations, government bodies, and members of the civil society in order to achieve growth with sustainability.

Footprints of our work:


Our Publications:

  1. Whitepapers
  2. Policy Briefs
  3. CIPT Sandesh
  4. Discussion Papers
  5. Compendium of Best Practices on Water and Agricultural Sustainability

Know more about us and our work:

Facebook Page: CIPT

Youtube Channel:



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